Cindy Wong and Randy Pechin have opened the bar of their dreams.

Cindy and Randy met in 2007 at Opera Nightclub in Atlanta, GA. Working together for over a decade in various positions such as bartender, bar manager, and general manager between the two, they learned all the intimate details of working in and operating an award winning establishment. 

With time and knowledge under their belt, they set out to open the bar of their dreams. They talked for years of a small bar where the cocktails were meticulously crafted and everyone felt comfortable and happy as soon as they walked in the door. The perfect spot presented itself in early 2018, and they went to work to make their dream a reality. 

Little Spirit opened its door in June 2018 thanks to the immeasurable kindness and help from a lot of friends and family. There were tears shed, sleepless nights had, and amazing miracles that happened along the way. In the end, they couldn't be more proud of seeing their dream come to life.

We sincerely hope that you feel as happy as we do walking in the door of Little Spirit each and every time. Cheers!